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Kashmir International Travel Tour

Having fostered strong trade affiliations with hotel wholesalers, airfare consolidators, prominent airlines, and global tour operators, Kashmir International Travel Tour stands as a reputable, adept, and established agency. Our expertise extends to offering the most affordable airfares worldwide, covering continents from Australia and Europe to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Complementing our budget-friendly flight options, our expansive lodging network empowers us to secure remarkably reduced rates for hotels and resorts across the globe.

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Embark on unforgettable journeys with our curated selection of Best Selling Tours. Experience the world's most sought-after destinations through a lens of adventure, culture, and discovery.

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Discover the world's most coveted destinations that beckon with their allure. From sun-kissed shores to cultural marvels, our top destinations promise to make your travel dreams a reality.

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Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with our upcoming best tours. Uncover thrilling destinations and immersive experiences that are meticulously crafted to ignite your wanderlust and create memories to cherish.

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Muhammad FaheemMuhammad Faheem
13:29 19 Aug 23
My experience with them was really good, they are really trustworthy and honest. CEO Mr Ali and the staff is very professional and helpful.
Azeem MirzaAzeem Mirza
15:32 07 Aug 23
Excellent service nice person he doing job
Sikandar KhanSikandar Khan
14:13 24 Jun 23
qasim naqviqasim naqvi
11:07 24 Jun 23
Ahmed RazaAhmed Raza
21:18 16 Jun 23
Very good service
eman ejazeman ejaz
17:33 03 May 23
Well an amazing experience. Such a good property dealer and also very expert in international tour. Thankyou for your services. May ALLAH bless you
Muammad Talha SultanMuammad Talha Sultan
13:46 03 May 23
U can get benefits from kashmir international travelsBest n professional services &Trustworthy ..
Ali RazaAli Raza
18:10 02 May 23
Very committed service with proper follow-up. Service provided as per their schedule with a hassle free journey... thanks to Kashmir international travel and tours for providing services
Usama KianiUsama Kiani
10:47 19 Apr 23
Alhamdulillah!too good cooprative staff with lots of hardworking.very good experience with Kashmir properties citi housing Jhelum.Thanx Ali Bahi for ur Cooprate.i will refer all to visit kashmir properties.

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Embark on a journey led by our seasoned tour guides, who are more than just guides – they're storytellers, historians, and local experts.





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Tour Guide


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